Born and raised in London, Ontario, Crystal has been well immersed in the arts since she was young, playing music in school and competing in competitions such as The Kiwanis Music Festival and touring throughout the province of Ontario.

Leaving home at just seventeen she moved to Kingston, Ontario to attend Al Rankin's (Live Wire) masterminded theatre program, Theatre Complete, where she developed a deep interest in storytelling and acting—touring shows extensively throughout Ontario, ultimatley spurring her growth as an artist. During this time, Crystal was given the opportunity to sit in on classes with London Ontario's beloved Jack Richardson (Juno award winning music producer of the Guess Who), where he granted her permission to audit his production course for free. The thought of this hauntingly soul-punches her in the gut when she realizes she should probably be using what he taught her…or at least die trying. (Hence her upcoming music releases Grenade and Tired—out September, 2019).

With a slight divergence, she went on to academia to study at the Liberal Arts College of Concordia University, where she worked on her writing and philisophical sensibilty, along with her skills behind the lense. This continues to be her preferred medium—all while continuing to write and grow an audience—routinely captivating them with her NO BS approach to everything.

You can find her ramblings in the news section along with her latest "How to Give the Finger to Anyone and Influence People." 

Intoxicated Witch is out late September  (just in time for Halloween and Samhain)

photo: tamara leger