Conjuring up poetry, humour, & a visceral punch with her prose.

A Soul-Stirring Odyssey Into The Depths of Recovery

“A fierce internalization of the addicted mind” - S. Rodriguez, Addictions and Recovery Practitioner

“A heartfelt and spiritual read.” - L. Fogarty, Astrologer at Lee’s Essentials

“This is an all-immersive expression of the poetic soul. I recommend to all newly awakening.” - Mary Beechie, The Mystic Bookshop


Crystal Elizabeth Westman was once tricked into paying an exorbitant amount of money to read novels at Concordia University’s Liberal Arts College—a literary program based out of Montreal QC. She then moved to Toronto to write her own.

She currently resides in a teeny tiny shoebox on Toronto’s eastside. One that’s big enough to hold her tarot decks and all her vintage swag.

She loves taking long walks, a solid shot of whiskey, and longs for a puppy to hold.